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Emergency Lighting in Pontefract

Hillthorpe Electrical Contractors can test and maintain your emergency lighting in Pontefract & surrounding areas.

BS Emergency Lighting in Pontefract

The British Standard provides the emergency lighting designers with clear guidelines ( Work to. BS 5266-1: 2011 )

Residential hotels, clubs, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and colleges, licensed premises, offices, museums, shops, multi-storey dwellings, etc. Although this standard recommends the types and durations of emergency lighting systems in Pontefract relating to each category of premises, it should be remembered that the standards are the minimum safe standards for these types of building and that a higher standard may be required for a particular installation.

These regulations detail the design and construction characteristics of a building. Approved Document B details the fire safety requirements for new buildings and the major refurbishment of existing premises. All open areas larger than 60m² must be illuminated in the event of the failure of the normal lighting supply. It also clarifies that emergency lighting is needed for all parts of schools that either do not have natural light or are used outside normal school hours. The regulations require that systems comply with BS 5266-1, the code of practice for Emergency lighting.

Is your Emergency lighting being regularly checked and tested?

Don’t just fit emergency lighting then forget it

Hillthorpe Electrical Contractors tailor service packages to suit your specific requirements, and can also test and maintain your Emergency lighting in Pontefract. We take care of all your testing worries, providing you with a dedicated log book which records all the tests completed as well as works completed in order to maintain your escape route lighting in case of an emergency situation.

While most building owners and operators are aware that their building must have emergency lighting installed – to the appropriate standards – they are not always so aware of the maintenance requirements for emergency lighting in Pontefract.

Emergency Lighting Servicing and Maintenance

Hillthorpe Electrical Contractors have been supplying and serving emergency lighting in Pontefract for over nineteen years

Free Emergency Lighting Survey in Pontefract

In order to advise you of the most cost-effective solution to your emergency lighting our staff will undertake a free survey of your premises in the Pontefract area. We will provide you with a guaranteed same day quotation and information on the range of services that we offer. Get in touch with the team today to discuss your requirements. Feel free to browse our electrical services.